Step 2. Add smart contract

To simplify setting up a new automation workflow, add a Price Feed smart contract within Nerif App.

We suggest using this code as a base to deploy your own lottery contract smart contract using Remix or any other preferred tool.

To add a deployed smart contract with the Nerif App, just click on “Contracts” and paste in the contract address. After that, select the respective network (Polygon Mumbai) and add a name to it. Picking a name is optional, but for convenience, we named the contract “PriceFeed”.

Finally, allow Nerif App to automatically determine contract ABI (subject to contract being verified). If the contract is not publicly verified on explorer (e.g. polygonscan), you’ll need to specify contract ABI manually.

Press “Create Contract” to complete the process.

It’s time to set up a new workflow for smart contract functions automation!

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