A network node with an enabled special feature that serves as a connection point for other nodes to join the network, requiring a specific flag to activate the feature.


A cryptographic process where multiple parties collaboratively generate a shared secret key without any individual party having full knowledge of the key.

Nerif App

The web application empowering users to build automation workflows with no code.

Nerif Network

The decentralized network needed to serve automation workflows in a decentralized and secure manner. Also called a Network.

Nerif Network Node

The software that validators must run to join the network, is responsible for data exchange, consensus participation, data verification, workflow storage, and retrieval, among other functions.

Nerif SDK

A software development kit offered by Nerif Network, providing developers with tools, libraries, and documentation for seamless application and integration development with the Nerif Network.

Threshold EDCSA

(Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm)

The on-chain counterpart to a hardware security module (HSM) that stores private keys securely and issues signatures on request of the eligible entities, and only to those.

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