Operational Contracts

Operational contracts are essential for the network's functioning and provide features for users. The primary operational contracts include:

Registry Contract

The registry contract serves as an entry point for all transactions originating from the Nerif Network. It provides various network features, including billing mechanisms, customer contract execution, workflow management, security checks, and gateway management.

Gateway Contract

The gateway contract serves as a security entry point for transactions originating from the registry and directed toward the customer contract. Its role is to verify that a given transaction is part of the designated workflow belonging to a "trusted" user before forwarding it to the customer contract. Network users need to deploy and register their gateway contract per registry, a process facilitated by the user-friendly interface provided by the Nerif App.

SignerStorage Contract

The signer storage contract is a simple contract used to store the collective address generated during the DKG process. It is an essential component of network operations. The signature contact is not deployed to the mainchain, i.e. Polygon, but on sidechains (all blockchain networks supported by Nerif Network) only.

The registry contract utilizes SignerStorage to determine the current collective address. This ensures that only trusted transactions are accepted within the Nerif Network.

The above contracts collectively enable the Nerif Network's functionalities and ensure the smooth operation of the decentralized ecosystem.

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