The DAO Treasury holds a crucial position within the Nerif Network, overseeing the management and allocation of financial resources to drive the network's growth and development.

The DAO Treasury will comprise funds accumulated from workflow execution fees and 50% of the initial NERIF token supply.

Nerif DAO Treasury Functions

The primary functions of the DAO Treasury include:

  1. Supporting Network Development

Allocating resources for research, infrastructure improvements, and ecosystem growth, fostering the continuous advancement of the network.

  1. NERIF Token Value Stabilization

Strategically buying and selling NERIF tokens on the open market to maintain stability and ensure the long-term value of the token.

  1. Funding Community-Driven Initiatives

Providing financial support for projects and initiatives proposed by the community, fostering their contributions to the network's overall success.

  1. Covering Operational Costs

Managing and allocating funds to cover essential operational expenses, including node-runner incentives, marketing efforts, partnerships, and legal requirements.

Funding Allocation

To ensure a balanced distribution of resources, the DAO Treasury divides its funds into specific categories based on their intended purpose, including:

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