Proposal process

Network participants seeking funding from the DAO Treasury can submit comprehensive proposals outlining their projects, expected outcomes, and budgetary requirements.

Proposals should include:

a. Project Description: A clear and concise overview of the project, highlighting its objectives and relevance to the Nerif Network.

b. Milestones and Timelines: A detailed plan showcasing the project's key milestones and expected completion dates, providing transparency and accountability.

c. Budget Breakdown: An itemized list of expenses, accompanied by estimates for each line item, ensuring clarity and accuracy in financial planning.

d. Impact Assessment: An analysis of the project's potential impact on the growth and success of the Nerif Network, demonstrating its alignment with the network's objectives.

Proposal Review and Approval

Upon submission, proposals undergo a thorough review process by the DAO Governance. NERIF token holders assess the merits of each proposal, engage in discussions with the proposer, and request additional information if needed.

Following the review period, NERIF token holders cast their votes. A proposal is approved if it secures the required majority, such as 50% + 1 vote. Upon approval, the requested funds are released from the DAO Treasury to the proposer.

Monitoring and Accountability

Approved proposals undergo periodic progress reports and evaluations to ensure efficient fund utilization and milestone achievement.

Should a project fail to meet its milestones or misuse allocated funds, the DAO Governance has the authority to vote for the revocation of remaining funds, reallocating them to other deserving projects.

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