1. Deploy a Gateway Contract

The gateway contract serves as a secure entry point for all transactions originating from the registry to the customer contract. It ensures that each transaction is associated with the designated workflow belonging to a trusted user before forwarding it to the customer contract.

Note that registering a gateway contract is only required when performing transaction-related actions on a selected chain in your automation workflows. Other actions that do not provide for sending transactions, such as eth_call, do not require registering a gateway contract.

The responsibility of deploying and registering the gateway contract per registry lies with the network user themselves. Nerif App offers a user-friendly interface, simplifying the deployment and registration process for seamless integration into the automation workflow.

Feel free to use gateway contracts provided by Nerif Network:

How does one deploy & register a gateway contract?

It’s very simple!

We’ll need to set up a gateway on those chains that are going to be used for sending transactions within workflows.

Choosing a blockchain network is pretty straightforward - just click on “Chains” select a network you’ll be using. In the example below, we are selecting Polygon Mumbai.

Next, click on “Set up Gateway” in a box with the desired chain.

After that, you’ll be presented with two options to set up a gateway:

  1. Use Existing

  2. New Gateway

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