Triggers determine when a workflow should be executed.

The roadmap of the Nerif Network encompasses a planned expansion in the range of triggers available for workflow automation. Yet, the following triggers will be available to users in 2023 - early 2024:

  • On-chain events: Triggers functions when a specific event is emitted by a particular smart contract on the blockchain.

  • Block-based trigger: Executes functions upon the arrival of a new block or every N of blocks.

  • Trigger by cron rule: Time-based triggers initiate the workflow at defined time intervals. This could be hourly, weekly, or based on any time-based rule.

  • Computation result trigger: Executes functions based on specific computation results*.

  • SDK trigger: Triggers functions directly from the developer’s code using the SDK, which supports multiple programming languages*.

  • Off-chain events: Triggers functions based on specific events occurring off-chain*.

* - Coming Soon.

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