Core components

Core components

Nerif Network comprises several key components that work together to create a robust smart contract automation ecosystem.


Validators (node operators) within the Nerif Network play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and security of the network. These validators operate nodes, which are specialized off-chain applications that form the core of the network. Nodes are responsible for tasks such as exchanging data, participating in consensus mechanisms, verifying data validity, storing and serving workflows, and more.

The consensus mechanism used by the Nerif Network resembles that of a blockchain, although it does not generate blocks. Instead, every decision made within the network must undergo the consensus process, which mandates approval from at least three-fourths of the nodes. This ensures a robust and trustworthy network where consensus is reached through the agreement of a significant majority of network participants.

For a detailed overview of the validators within the Nerif Network and their crucial role in maintaining network integrity, please refer to the "Validators" section. It provides detailed information on their functions, responsibilities, and the consensus mechanisms they employ to ensure a secure and reliable network.

Smart Contracts

The Nerif Network relies on smart contracts to drive its operations, enabling the implementation of diverse features and functionalities while upholding the network's security and reliability.

There are two types of smart contracts within the network: system and operational.

System contracts serve the purpose of enabling the internal needs of the network and securing it, e.g. through mechanisms like staking and slashing.

Operational contracts are responsible for enabling the network's functionality for the users, including the registry, signer storage, and gateway.

For a comprehensive understanding of the smart contracts employed within the Nerif Network, please refer to the "Contracts" section, which provides detailed information on their roles and capabilities.

Nerif App

The Nerif App serves as a well-designed user interface that offers a convenient and user-friendly way to access and utilize the features provided by the Nerif Network.

However, users also have the option to interact with the network directly without using the Nerif App, leveraging the provided SDK for performing actions directly on the network.

For a detailed explanation of how the Nerif App works, please refer to the "How it Works" chapter. It provides comprehensive information on the app's functionalities, and all user interactions, as well as guides for setting up automation workflows within the Nerif Network.

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